About Us

Mack Perry and Gina Swenson created Twin Creeks Farm and spent the last three years turning this wonderful farm into special place where magic seems to regularly happen.

Mack Perry is a peripatetic 5th generation sailor and craftsman who loves hosting, entertaining and trading stories with new folks. Gina Swenson is an interior designer whose background is in fine arts, antiques, interior design - and horses, lots of horses. She created the farmhouse's vintage interior. Their doodle, Frida, patrols the perimeter and loves visitors - and golf balls. Get in touch now to find out how Twin Creeks Farm can help you make wonderful memories.

"Twin Creeks has a wonderful vibe. It's been rumored that where Beauty Creek flows into Salt Creek is the site of an ancient Indian Birthing Ground! What I do know is that Mr. Liska, the man who farmed this land, made it to 107! And since working this land, my hair feels thicker and I use a lot more exclamation marks!! You'll feel that once you come visit!!"